Top Ten Tuesday: TV series

It’s Tuesday again which means it’s time for another Top Ten! This week I’ll be doing my top ten favourite tv series. I watch way too much tv.

10) Pretty Little Liars. This had to make it into my top ten. I don’t usually watch tv shows for years as they usually turn into a show that I don’t like or I get bored. I’ve had my moments with PLL where I’ve wanted to stop watching, but I’ve continued anyway. I’m definitely excited to watch more after finding out who A is.

9) The 100. This series is so unique and different. It’s action packed and every episode leaves you on the edge of your seat.

8) Arrow. I binge watched the first two series and ended up memorising the whole intro. If it’s a superhero show, I will watch it.

7) The Flash. I don’t know if I can really consider this one of my top ten when I’ve only watched a few episodes. The episodes I did watch were really good and I’m hoping that it comes to Netflix soon!

6) Once Upon A Time. I love anything to do with fairytales and this show is based upon lots of different fairytales. Just watch it, it’s great.

5) Shadowhunters. I know it’s not even out yet but I love the book series so much that it’s automatically in my top ten even though I haven’t watched it.

4) How to Get Away with Murder. This is a recent favourite of mine. I saw this on Netflix one day and since watching the first episode I was hooked. I know the second series is out in different countries, so I’m just waiting for it to be on Netflix again. (hopefully it’s soon).

3) Outlander. This doesn’t need to be explained that much. Scotland and time travel equals a great tv show.

2) Teen Wolf. Where would I be without Teen Wolf? This show is like my comfort food, but my comfort show. There’s a bit of everything for everyone.

  1. Reign. I don’t know what it is about this series but I love it so much. The cast, setting and costumes are amazing and so much happens in each episode. It may not be 100% historically accurate but this series is so addictive, it’s definitely worth watching.

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