Shadowhunters Pilot Review

I’ve been a big fan of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare for a long time now. When it was first adapted into a movie I couldn’t wait and it was disappointing when it didn’t do so well. Now it’s been turned into a tv series and I was really excited to watch it. The past few weeks I had been really nervous about the tv show, I really wanted it to do well. There was definitely lots of promotion surrounding the show and lots of sneak peeks that made me super excited.

Let me start off by saying that no pilot is ever going to be perfect and yes, Shadowhunters did have a few flaws. Being a huge fan of the books, I could easily look past these flaws and I ended up really enjoying the show. It wasn’t completely accurate to the books, but that’s okay, the changes they made haven’t bothered me so far. All I can say is, it was closer to the books than the movie was. This first episode kept me hooked even though I had read the books, the changes that they made to it definitely made it a bit more interesting as I wasn’t expecting certain things to happen. I love that Isabelle and Alec got more screen time and I really enjoyed watching their relationships with the other characters – especially Alec and his immediate dislike towards Clary. One other character I really enjoyed was Valentine. VALENTINE! In the tv show we got to see a different side to him and I can definitely tell that he is going to be one scary character.

After watching the sneak peeks, there were a few things I was concerned about such as the purple thing that Clary goes into (which I now know was a portal). The pilot did clear up some of the things that made me nervous and it was so much fun to watch. For me, Simon was one of the best things about the pilot. His comedic effect brought humour to the intense scenes toward the end and Alberto definitely portrayed him so well. I went into the show really nervous about Kat who plays Clary as I hadn’t seen any of her other work and the sneak peeks made me worry about how she was portraying Clary. I was honestly so surprised at Kat and loved the way she played Clary, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her character progress.

The first episode was so good, I really recommend watching it. It’s a bit confusing at first if you haven’t read the books, but things will obviously be explained in more detail within the following episodes. I was so surprised at how good the show was, I really can’t wait to see how the rest of the season is.




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