My Trip to Scotland!

I recently visited Scotland for a week and had such a great time that I thought I’d post some pictures and talk about my trip. My Mum is Scottish so I’ve been lucky enough to visit Scotland quite a bit but this year my Mum and I decided to do something different when we visited Scotland. We booked a 2 day tour of the Scottish Highlands, purely to see Eilean Donan castle which has links to my Mum’s family.

I live on the south coast of England and on Sunday 12th June, we began our journey to Scotland. The car journey wasn’t too bad, it just got a bit long and boring towards the end – it took us about 8 hours to get there. My first few days in Scotland were quite relaxed and I mainly spent it with family. On Tuesday, we went into Edinburgh for a bit and did some shopping (where I managed to buy some books, yay!) After that, we visited more family who live just outside of Edinburgh.

Wednesday morning was the beginning of our Highland tour and we made our way back into Edinburgh and began the tour at the Royal Mile. The first couple of hours of the tour were mainly spent driving. At 11am we made it to Wallace Monument and spent around 20 minutes there. Although it was a cloudy day, the view from the monument was amazing.


Loch Lubnaig

We made an unscheduled stop at a Loch – I think it was called Loch Lubnaig. It was stunning and I’m so glad that our driver decided to stop there. We stopped for lunch in the village of Tyndrum which was lovely.



We stopped at Glencoe a little while after lunch which allowed us to see the Three Sisters, although it started raining so we didn’t stay long. It was amazing to drive through the Highlands and take in all the scenery.


Our last stop of the day was at Glenfinnan Viaduct (the bridge featured in the Harry Potter film.) We climbed to the top of the view point where we got a better view of the bridge and also the monument dedicated to Bonnie Prince Charlie.

The day ended in Fort William where we stayed for the night, I was especially excited about this as Fort William is mentioned in Outlander. Fort William was beautiful and it was such a nice place to stay in.


Day 2 of our tour began with us visiting a view point to see Ben Nevis which was covered in clouds. From there, we continued on to Eilean Donan castle. We eventually arrived at around 11 and the castle was stunning. It was definitely the highlight of my day seeing the castle.


We left the castle at 12, and continued toward Fort Augustus. We briefly stopped to feed some Highland Cattle. We made it to Fort Augustus at 1:30 pm where we stopped for lunch. We only saw a little bit of Loch Ness and the bit that we saw was huge!

Unfortunately day 2 involved a lot of driving so we were sat down for long periods of time. At 5pm we made it to the Hermitage which was home to the tallest trees in Britain and a waterfall. This was our last stop of the day before the tour ended in Edinburgh.


On Friday, we drove back down to my Grandparents after staying in Edinburgh. The weekend was pretty relaxed after that and we walked the dogs at the beach. We visited the Chain Bridge Honey Farm which is a tradition of ours whenever we visit Scotland.

We began our journey back down south on Monday and the journey took even longer due to all the traffic. I had a great time in Scotland and it was especially nice to visit places that I’ve never been before and to learn more about Scottish history. If you ever have the chance to visit Scotland, I highly recommend booking a bus tour as you go to places that you never would have thought to visit on your own.




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