Stationery Haul!


This is a bit of a different post than what I usually blog about, but with University just around the corner I placed a huge stationery haul in the hopes of being prepared earlier. I was so excited about everything that I bought that I just had to share it and it was all really cheap! I’ll do a break down of every item that I got just in case the picture doesn’t show everything clearly (I’m bad at taking photos). Everything that I got is from the same shop, HEMA.

IMG_1620 [8540]
Sticky Notes
As I do Literature at University, I have a lot of books that I need to read. These are sticky notes which will be really helpful when I need to make a note of pages or certain characters or events within the books.

IMG_1619 [8542]
Last year, I bought a diary when I started University. I used it for the first few weeks but after that I hardly used it. I thought I’d try again this year in the hopes that I use it more as it can be really useful for writing down deadlines and assignments.

IMG_1618 [8544]
Pack of 3 A4 Notebooks
IMG_1617 [8546]
A4 Notebook







You can never have enough notebooks.

IMG_1615 [8550]
Pack of 4 pens
I didn’t realise when I bought these that they had writing on them, but they’re so cute!

IMG_1612 [8554]
2 Notebook sets
When I saw these notebook sets, I couldn’t help but get them. The set consists of an A5 notebook, A6 Notebook, bookmark stickers, pen and clips.

And last but not least…

IMG_1613 [8552]
A5 Notebook
That’s it for my stationery haul, I’m really happy with everything that I got and can’t wait to start using it. I’ve probably got enough stationery to last me the whole year at University!


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