Review: Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch


img_2012Meira will do anything to save her world. With Angra trying to break through her mental defenses, she desperately needs to learn to control her own magic—so when the leader of a mysterious Order from Paisly offers to teach her, she jumps at the chance. But the true solution to stopping the Decay lies in a labyrinth deep beneath the Season Kingdoms. To defeat Angra, Meira will have to enter the labyrinth, destroy the very magic she’s learning to control—and make the biggest sacrifice of all.

Mather will do anything to save his queen. He needs to rally the Children of the Thaw, find Meira—and finally tell her how he really feels. But with a plan of attack that leaves no kingdom unscathed and a major betrayal within their ranks, winning the war—and protecting Meira—slips farther and farther out of reach.

Ceridwen will do anything to save her people. Angra had her brother killed, stole her kingdom, and made her a prisoner. But when she’s freed by an unexpected ally who reveals a shocking truth behind Summer’s slave trade, Ceridwen must take action to save her true love and her kingdom, even if it costs her what little she has left.

As Angra unleashes the Decay on the world, Meira, Mather, and Ceridwen must bring the kingdoms of Primoria together…or lose everything.

This is the third and final book in the Snow Like Ashes series which I’m a bit sad about because I love it so much. The story picks right back up from where it left off in Ice Like Fire, so this review will contain spoilers. I have been so excited to read this book since I finished Ice Like Fire and I wasn’t disappointed!

This book has three points of view – Meira, Mather and Ceridwen. It was really easy to tell whose point of view it was because the characters voices are so different. The story kind of divides into three different ones, following Meira as she goes to Paisley to train her magic in order to complete the trial at the end, Mather as he searches for Meira and Ceridwen as she tries to regain her kingdom. Their voices all worked so well alongside each other and added to the suspense between the big events. It was really interesting to read Ceridwen’s chapters as she isn’t from the Winter kingdom and see how she dealt with the loss of her brother and kingdom.


It’s amazing to see how far each character has come since the first book, especially Meira. She has grown so much and become one of my favourite characters, and I think this is because of how selfless she is. Everything that she does is for Winter and the people of all the other kingdoms. She doesn’t deal with things childishly like other main characters would in other series, she just accepts everything that happens and deals with it responsibly. I cannot believe how much Mather has grown either! It was honestly like he was a totally different character in Frost Like Night. The only thing I was disappointed with was the lack of Theron because I really loved him. It was definitely hard seeing the Decay control him and make him crazy.

The storyline of this series and the world that it’s set in is so unique. I love that the kingdoms are based upon the seasons and I love all the different traits and traditions that the kingdoms have (Winter and Autumn are my favourite). I’m so happy with how this series ended, other than all of the death that happened – I cried, a lot. This book had so much suspense, action and twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting. I really think this series is up there with my favourite books of all time.

If you’ve read Frost Like Night, what did you think?






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