Review: Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven

When I first read All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, I instantly fell in love with the way that the story was told and it quickly became one of my favourite books. When I found out that Jennifer Niven had written another book, I was so excited and my expectations were pretty high. I loved Holding Up The Universe and the message that it sends out to the readers.

The book is told from two perspectives, Libby and Jack. Libby Trout was known as “America’s Fattest Teen” and had to be removed from her family home by a crane. 3 years later, Libby returns to school where she refuses to let her weight and past experiences define her. Jack Masselin has a condition known as prosopagnosia, the inability to recognise people’s faces – including his own family. A joke gone terribly wrong marks the beginning of a friendship between these two characters.

I don’t want to say too much about this book, because I highly recommend that you read it for yourself as I feel like everyone will take a different thing away from this book. For me, I learnt how important it is to just be yourself and not care about what other people think. This is one of the reason’s why I love Jennifer Niven’s books, because of what you can learn from the characters and their stories. It was so easy to fall straight into the story and it flowed so well – there wasn’t a moment where I wanted to put this book down. It’s rare for me to connect with characters so much that I understand exactly where they are coming from, I felt that I really understood why Jack, Libby and several other characters behaved the way that they did.

I know that this book is also labelled as a romance because of the relationship that develops between Jack and Libby but for me, that wasn’t the main focus of the book. Both Jack and Libby help each other to better themselves and not let their past define their future.

4.5/5 stars.



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