Scotland Trip + Update!

Happy Tuesday! There’s no Top Ten Tuesday this week as the creators, The Broke and the Bookishare taking a break until August. I thought this week I would share my trip to Scotland instead. Next week, I might do a past Top Ten theme or something else but I’m not too sure yet. I also want to thank you all for 100 followers! This is a huge milestone to me and I never thought I would ever have so many people following my blog. I love rambling about books, making lists and engaging in the book community so I’m really grateful to you all!

Now onto my Scotland trip! I did a post on my trip to Scotland last year, if you want to check that out as well, click here.

After last years trip to Scotland, my Mum and I decided that we wanted to explore some more of Scotland. We disagreed for ages about where to go, I really wanted to go to the Isle of Skye and she really wanted to go to the Isle of Mull because she’d seen it on the T.V! As my Mum was going to be doing all the driving, the Isle of Mull won. We are planning on going to Skye next year though, so I’m really looking forward to that!

We travelled up to Scotland on the 11th of June and arrived at my grandparents. The next day, we walked the dogs on the beach, which I’m really jealous of because it’s nice and sandy whereas the beaches down south are all stoney.

Rain at Loch Lubnaig


Tuesday was the start of another long journey to the Isle of Mull from my grandparents house. Last year we did a tour of the Highlands so we weren’t able to take our dog with us, but this year as we were doing all the travelling on our own we were able to bring our dog with us to Mull. We drove through some of the Highlands and stopped at some of the same places we had stopped at last year, except every time we got out of the car, it started raining. We made it to the ferry in Oban with about half an hour to spare so we didn’t have any time to look around. It was such a pretty town and it’s definitely somewhere that I want to visit in the future.

Duart Castle

The ferry crossing to Craignure on the Isle of Mull didn’t take too long and we got to see some really nice views of Duart Castle. Thankfully, the hotel we booked wasn’t too far away so we didn’t have to do more travelling to get there. Once we’d checked in, we just relaxed in the hotel. We were able to see Duart Castle in the distance in our room when it wasn’t cloudy. There were also two little bunny rabbits that kept playing outside our room which was so cute!

Tobermory (Balamory)

Wednesday was another exciting day because we were travelling into Tobermory, which is where the children’s programme Balamory is set – it brought back so many memories of when I was little!

We didn’t really have a plan for the day, we just wanted to explore a little so we ended up doing a 3 hour walk around Tobermory. It was quite a difficult walk as it was really steep and slippy but definitely rewarding whenever we got to flat bits.

Duart Castle

After we finished the walk, we explored the town centre a bit and picked up some souvenirs. We headed back towards the hotel and visited Duart Castle which was so beautiful.

Loch Lubnaig

On Thursday, we headed back to the mainland and towards Stirling where we were staying for the night. We ended up stopping at Loch Lubnaig which we had stopped at on the way to the Isle of Mull. Thankfully it wasn’t raining this time and it was quite hot and sunny which made me so happy. It’s definitely a lot prettier when the sun is shining!


We decided to head towards Doune Castle which is just outside of Stirling. We’d driven past the castle last year but were unable to stop at it because of the tour we were on. Doune Castle has been used in so many movies and TV shows, and because I’m a fan of Outlander, I was so excited to visit it!

We did try to go to Stirling Castle as well but we decided against it after seeing the huge traffic queues, so we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Friday was the last day of travelling and we headed back down towards my grandparents. We took a different route back because my Mum wanted to visit a glass factory. It turned out that the factory had been closed for a few years so we were a little disappointed. After making it back to my grandparents we visited the Honey farm which is a tradition for us, because we always go there every time we visit Scotland.

We didn’t do much on the Saturday as we just wanted to relax before heading home the next day. Sunday was a really long day because we stopped to see my sister who recently finished University and moved to West Yorkshire. After a 12 hour journey, we finally made it home!

If you want to see more pictures from my trip check out my personal Instagram where I mainly post pictures of my dogs and cats: @rose_dashwood

I also have a book Instagram which I’ve recently started posted on again so check that out if you’re interested as well: @stuckinfictionn


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