Why Book Buying Bans Don’t Work (For Me)

Even though my TBR pile is already huge, I constantly add to it every month. I always try to put myself on book buying bans, but over the past few months I’ve started realising that the bans don’t work for me. Somehow, I always manage to end up with more books that I wanted to get, and it only seems like that happens on the months I attempt a ban.

Her are a few of the reasons why book bans don’t work for me…

I get to the last week of the month without buying a book, and decide to treat myself…

I can go weeks without buying books, and that’s no issue for me. I tend to get proud of myself for going a few weeks without ordering a book… so then I go ahead and buy some books as a reward – completely going against the whole point of not buying any books. And sometimes if I manage to go a whole month without buying a book, I’ll make up for that the next month by ordering a bunch just because I couldn’t the previous month. It’s an endless cycle.

Book Hauls & Reviews

Book hauls are one of my favourite posts to read, because I discover so many books that sound amazing which I probably wouldn’t have heard of if it hadn’t been for the hauls. Add a great review of said book on top of that and I’m sold.

Discounts and Offers

This is probably the worst one for me, as it’s probably the main reason why I have so many unread books. I cannot resist a bargain. If a book is on a ridiculously crazy offer or is super cheap, I have to take advantage of that because it’s not often that there are good offers on books.

Book buying bans can be great for so many people, but unfortunately for me, they just don’t work. I’m hoping that I can be a bit stricter with myself this year, but I’m no longer going to go into a month saying ‘no books,’ and maybe I’ll see a difference in the amount I buy!

Do book bans work for you? How do you limit the amount of books you buy?


14 thoughts on “Why Book Buying Bans Don’t Work (For Me)

  1. Bans don’t work for me, either. My reading challenge for the year is to read/reread the books I own and donate the ones that don’t have a big impact on me anymore. So, I also challenged myself not to buy any more books to add to my already overflowing bookshelves. Well, I’ve already pushed aside that challenge because the first book I’ve read this year is 1. Not one I already own; and 2. A book I want to have in my possession. I’ve put it on hold at a bookstore and will be purchasing it. Whoops! 😉

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    1. I’ve been slowly getting rid of books that I no longer want as well. I wish I was able to get rid of books on my TBR but I feel like I have to read every book before I can make my mind up haha! Bans are just impossible to stay on!

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  2. I’m on a book buying ban this month. I haven’t bought a SINGLE book and yet I have..eight? books on my “January haul” pile because my boyfriend bought me books? Like, without me asking? And my brother got me my birthday gift [Like, it was my birthday in September but he got them this month.. Ugh.]
    Book buying ban isn’t working for a whole different reason this time around!
    I have to admit though; getting books and not buying any myself still is awesome to keep the book buying ban going? It’s not like I’m not getting books.. :’) I just don’t have to pay for them myself! Winwin!

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