Kindle vs Physical Books

I used to hate the idea of a Kindle. I was (and still am) obsessed with physical books, so I didn’t understand the point of a Kindle. I thought that they took away the magic of holding a real book and turning real pages.

I got given a Kindle this year for Christmas from my Mum, and I was totally wrong about them! I’ve not had it long and I’ve already discovered some reasons why I love it! I still love reading physical books, but it’s nice to use my Kindle to read some books especially because I’m running out of shelf space!

Here are some of the reasons why I love physical books, and why I love my Kindle…

Physical Book

  1. It’s a physical copy, how can you beat that? I can add it to my shelves and see it every day!
  2. They’re beautiful and come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Shout out to paperbacks which are my favourite because they’re so much easier to hold when reading!
  3. Books smell awesome… at least some do. You can’t beat that bookish smell.
  4. I can use any bookmark that I want to keep track of where I am in the book.


  1. So much more convenient when travelling! They’re smaller, lighter and don’t take up much room in my bag. It makes reading on public transport so much easier.
  2. I can highlight, underline and make notes without ruining the book I’m reading.
  3. I can increase the size of the text which is a complete lifesaver for me. Sometimes the font size in books is way too small and I struggle to read, but I don’t have that problem with my Kindle!

    Which do you prefer – Kindle or books?

19 thoughts on “Kindle vs Physical Books

  1. Lovely post, I adore seeing people writing their perspective on this whole debate, everybody has so many different views on the subjects and I love seeing all of those. I’m somewhere in the middle, I agree a lot with everything you said. Physical copies are amazing to have, touch and look at, while ebooks are just very convenient and easy to take with you everywhere.

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  2. I love having the option of both hardcopies and my Kindle. There are major benefits to both. Physical books are a far more positive reading experience, but on the other hand, ereaders are the only reason I had any books when I moved across the country. So I wouldn’t give up either for the world, though I know I may be a bit different for thinking that.

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  3. You make great points for both however I have to admit i love a physical copy of a book (paperback only I can’t cope with hardbacks!) I’ve owned kindles before but they rarely got used you just can’t beat the feeling of a new paperback landing on your doorstep 💕

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  4. I would give kind users evil looks over the years I just really loved the feel of books and still do! I invested in a Kindle this year myself, though its not the same as a book its PRETTY NIFTY!!! I will always buy more physical copies of books, but Kindle is great for those 99p deals or if a book you want is a bit too expensive, the kindle price is a little bit lower. I also have thanked Kindle as I have read some pretty rubbish books this year and I didn’t feel too bad as they really didn’t cost much.

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