Uncovering Hardcovers…

Although I prefer paperbacks over hardbacks because they’re more practical and easier to read, I sometimes prefer the design of hardbacks. I own quite a few hardbacks now and there are a few that stand out to me because of what’s hiding underneath the dust-jacket…

Caraval by Stephanie Garber


I have talked about this cover a lot on my blog over the past year, because it is one of my all time favourites. When I first got this book I didn’t actually know there was anything underneath the dust-jacket, so I was really surprised when I took the jacket off. There were four different covers out there and I was so lucky and happy to get this one!

Warcross by Marie Lu


I searched for this particular cover for weeks. For some reason this book wasn’t in any of my local bookshops during the month of its release so I had to have faith in online retailers. Thankfully this is the copy I received and it’s so beautiful underneath the dust-jacket. It definitely makes a huge difference when comparing it to the usual hardbacks in the UK that are all plain colours underneath!

The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill


I bought this one mainly because it was a Little Mermaid retelling and I had no idea that this copy would be so pretty underneath. What can be more perfect than mermaid scales on the hardcover?

Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher


This probably seems like a really weird choice but the majority of the hardbacks that I own are black underneath and this is the only one that is white. Something as small as the colour of the book underneath the dust-jacket makes me so happy because I get so bored and disappointed with the same dull colours.

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert


Even though I didn’t really enjoy this book that much, I still appreciate the little engraving underneath the jacket. This was a special edition that came in the February FairyLoot and I think this is the only book I own that has an engraving like this on it which makes it very special to me!

Save the Date by Morgan Matson


This one isn’t so much about what’s underneath the dust-jacket, but actually it’s what’s on it. When I pre-ordered Save the Date, I didn’t realise that I had actually ordered a special edition that was signed but also had a surprise on the jacket. At first it didn’t make sense to me until I had actually read the book and realised that the comic strip is part of the plot as Charlie’s mum writes one based on their family. I thought this was such a cool thing to do to make the dust-jacket seem more important as they can be quite annoying at times!

There’s such a variety of things that publishers can do to hard-covers underneath the dust-jacket or actually on the sleeve itself which makes those books even more special! What are some of your favourite things that you’ve discovered underneath a hard-cover book?

16 thoughts on “Uncovering Hardcovers…

  1. I love this post, what a unique idea! I always love finding pretty covers underneath the dust jackets, especially because I normally take them off to read (I’m afraid of damaging them otherwise). But some of these I had no idea about — that beautiful Warcross cover is something I never would’ve expected!

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    1. Thank you! I always get so happy whenever I see that there’s a pretty cover underneath, it’s always so exciting to see what each book is like under the jacket. The Warcross one surprised me too, as soon as I knew about that edition, I made it my mission to find it haha!

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  2. I agree with you about enjoying reading paperbacks a lot more than hard cover novels. I barely own any hard cover books because I find them to be such a pain to read (and they are crazy expensive). But they are so beautiful!! I am in love with the surface breaks 🙂

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    1. Paperbacks are just the best in every way! The price difference between paperbacks and hardbacks is crazy, but even if they were cheaper I’d still stick with paperbacks haha.

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