Narnia Book Tag!

I’ve fallen very far behind on my tags again so I’m hoping that over the next few weeks I can catch up completely. I was tagged by Rebecca at Bookishly Rebecca in May to do this tag – thank you for tagging me and sorry it’s taken me so long to do it haha! Go and check out her blog because she’s so lovely and her blog is one of my favourites!

On to the tag!

Narnia: A Magical World You Would Like to Visit

Camp Halfblood

Normally I’d say Hogwarts but instead of going for the same place again and again, I decided to pick somewhere else. Camp Halfblood just seems like the perfect place to the spend summer, full of so many amazing people and loads of things to do! So when I’m not in Hogwarts during the school months, I can spend my holidays at Camp Halfblood – it’s perfect!

The Magician’s Nephew: A Book You Think Is Underrated


There’s no doubt about it that this book is massively underrated. It’s written so incredibly beautifully and it’s so magical. I read this book years ago and I still struggle to find the words for it because it really is amazing.

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe: A Classic That You Love


This is sometimes compared to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but after reading both books I can honestly say that North and South is by far my favourite. I found it so much easier to connect with the characters and I’m so thankful that I had to read it for University, otherwise I never would have picked it up and fallen in love with it. If you struggle with Jane Austen’s books, I really recommend this one because it’s so much easier to get into!

The Horse and His Boy: A Book You Picked Up Without Knowing What It Was About


I usually go in to most books not knowing what they’re about, but sometimes I’ve heard little things about them. I recently purchased Night Owls by Jenn Bennett on my Kindle because I got it for free thanks to an amazon voucher and I know absolutely nothing about the book. It has a pretty cover though!

Prince Caspian: A Sequel That You Love


I loved the first book in the Conqueror’s trilogy and I loved Now I Rise even more. Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres and I’ve really enjoyed reading about Vlad the Impaler (or Lada as it’s a gender bent retelling) because I didn’t know anything about him before this book. I’m hoping that I’ll love Bright We Burn just as much. It’s such an incredible series!

The Voyage of the Dawn Trader: A Quest You’d Like to Be a Part Of


Any quest that involves time travel, I’m there for and the quest that takes place throughout this duology is so incredible. Even though parts of it are really dangerous, I would just love to go and visit all of the historic events and time periods that they do in Passenger!

The Silver Chair: A Book You Didn’t Expect To Love


I had heard so much about the Illuminae series and I kept avoiding it. I’ve never really enjoyed sci-fi books and even though I’d heard rave reviews about this one, it was never really enough to push me to read it. However, I really wanted to give sci-fi another chance and all the reviews did really interest me because I really wanted to know whether I’d like these books as well. AND I DID! It’s incredible and I’m so mad at myself for not picking it up sooner!

The Last Battle: A Perfect End to a Series You Love


I think with Clockwork Princess you get the best of everything in the finale. The plot is wrapped up so well and everyone gets their own happy ending in a way. Even though this book was pretty emotional in some parts, it was the perfect ending to a perfect trilogy.

The Pevensies: A Siblinghood or Friendship You’d Love to be a Part Of


I fell in love with the Grant family as soon as I started reading Save the Date. There’s so many different personalities within the family but at the end of the day, they all get on so well and care for each other so much. I really enjoyed seeing how each member of the family dealt with certain situations within the book and even though there were a lot of stressful moments, they were still able to have so much fun together.

Eustace Scrubb: A Character Who Grew On You


AIDAN from the Illuminae Files definitely grew on me. Throughout the first book I couldn’t understand why he was doing what he was doing, but by the third book I completely understood his actions and I even began to sympathise with him.

Tumnus: Your Favourite Mythical Creature

Ever since I watched The Little Mermaid, mermaids have been my favourite!

Caspian: A Character With Regal Qualities


I might be the only person who thinks that Annabeth Chase has a lot of regal qualities. Annabeth is so smart in so many ways and so protective over other people and I feel like those are some really important regal qualities.

Reepicheep: A Loyal Character


Jane is so loyal to everyone throughout the whole of this book. She’s able to see the best in everyone around her and support everyone as much as she can without ever giving up on them. She’s such an amazingly written character as well!

I Tag:

Anyone! I’ve been so incredibly busy this week as I’ve been helping my sister move house, so I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to go through and tag people. If you’re wanting to do this tag – please consider yourself tagged!

4 thoughts on “Narnia Book Tag!

  1. I’ve only read Percy Jackson and Clockwork Princess from all your choices! Never heard of North and South but Jane Austen books do take a while to engage me so I’ll definitely check it out.
    Love all your choices – what a fun tag!

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