Top 5 Tuesday: LGBTQ+ Characters

When I was thinking about what books to choose for this week’s topic, all I could think about was LGBTQ+ characters from certain books. These are characters who I wish had gotten more attention in the novel, got their own spin-off, and who I thought were amazing characters. Here are my choices!

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Although I loved this book so much because it has so many important themes throughout such as feminism, slut-shaming, and sexism, I wanted to see more of Ajita. I don’t want to spoil too much about this, but Ajita is such an underrated character whose struggling with her own sexuality throughout the novel. I would have loved to have seen more from her perspective… maybe even a book that focuses solely upon her because she’s such an incredible character.

Nico di Angelo


I know that some people don’t think that Nico is an underrated character, but I disagree to a certain extent, and in some ways I do think he deserved more – but that’s only because I love him so much. I’m still hoping that Rick Riordan will write a book or two centred on Nico!



I just finished Hunting Prince Dracula a few days ago and Daciana was one of the first characters that came to mind when making this list. I was so intrigued by her as soon as she was introduced and she’s another character who is so incredibly important and badass! I feel like I’ve spoiled a lot about this book already, and I’m so sorry for that, but she deserved more attention as an LGBTQ+ character, especially due to the time period that this book is set in!



I have no words for Radu because he’s genuinely such an amazing character! He struggles so much throughout And I Darken when coming to terms with his sexuality and feelings toward Mehmed, whilst trying to stay loyal to his home country of Wallachia. I’ve seen so many people talk about how weak Radu is but to me, he’s one of the strongest characters in the series.

Magus and Alec


I couldn’t not include two of my favourite characters ever on this list! I think that both Magnus and Alec deserve all the love and the hype that they get, and I’m so ready to read a book all about their lives together!

That’s my list for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday – who are some of your favourite LGBTQ+ characters?

Also, a little update before I end this post… I’m getting my wisdom teeth out at hospital tomorrow so I have no idea how active I’m going to be on my blog for a few days. I’ll probably be really groggy for the first couple of days but after that everything will be back to normal and I’ll be responding to comments and bloghopping again!

22 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: LGBTQ+ Characters

    1. I think Nico is introduced as an LGBT character during the Heroes of Olympus series, but he does appear in the Percy Jackson series before as well. Riordan writes such amazing, diverse characters! 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh this is SUCH a good post. I would read a whole BLOG dedicated to people’s fave LGBT characters 😂 Completely agree that Ajita needed more screen time! I’m hoping we’ll see more of her in book 2. And Nico Di Angelo is AWESOME, those siblings are some of my all time faves. Also…that Hunting Prince Dracula sounds amazing?? I’m so intrigued???

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    1. Me too, I’m always looking for more LGBT book recommendations! I really hope that we see more of Ajita too, she’s incredible! You should definitely check out the Stalking Jack the Ripper series, Hunting Prince Dracula is my favourite so far! 🙂

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  2. I love Magnus and Alec! And Ajita from The Exact Opposite Of Okay was so lovely 😊 she stuck by her friends so fiercely and I loved that about her

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  3. I read this book “Six of Crows” and thought it was fantastic. It happened to have two male characters who fell in love, which I thought was super cute, and the book isn’t even a love story. Its action/adventure/fantasy and it always kept me on the edge of my seat. I’d give it a read! Author is Leigh Bardugo.

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  4. Nico was the first queer character I ever came across while reading, and seeing a character like him in my favorite series is part of how I discovered my own sexuality. I appreciate Riordan so much for the diversity in his novels for middle-grade readers. I’ve yet to read the other novels listed, but I’m sure they’re wonderful. Have you read The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater? I think it might be up your alley, if you like young/new adult fantasy-in-a-modern-setting like with PJO or Clare’s books.

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    1. That makes me so happy to hear that! I love it when books have such a powerful impact on people’s lives – it makes them even more special.

      I read The Raven Boys a few years ago, but I didn’t enjoy it that much. I have been thinking about giving it another go now that I’m a little older and my reading tastes have changed!

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