February Wrap-Up & How Did I Do With My Reading Challenge?

I will admit that I’m very glad to say goodbye to February. It was a very tough reading month for me. I found that I had started loads of books (by loads I mean 5) and not finished many. I just don’t know how everyone else can read more than one book at a time – please teach me your ways! It’s enough to make me confused and uninterested in whatever it is that I’m reading haha.

Aside from all of the books I started in February, I only finished 2. It’s not a terrible amount of books, but I wanted to read more. As the two books are part of a series, I’m just going to talk about them together instead of separating them.

The Cruel Prince & The Wicked King by Holly Black

Cruel Prince

These books certainly lived up to the hype!

The Cruel Prince was my first Holly Black book and I can now see why people call her the queen of faerie haha. It was unlike any faerie or fae related thing that I’ve read in the past and I loved everything about it. The characters were so complex but so appealing, I was just fascinated by them the whole time.

I’m so glad that I waited a long time to read The Cruel Prince, because I read The Wicked King straight after. I personally thought that The Wicked King was so much better than the first book, there was so much more deception and mystery, and suspense, and the list could go on and on haha!

The only thing I don’t like is the huge wait until the next book is out.

4.5 stars

Reading Challenge

Moving on to my reading challenge! To answer the question in the title… not good. I didn’t exactly fail, but I didn’t complete it either. In fact, I’m right in the middle of it haha. I challenged myself to read a book with mythology in it and I was super excited to get caught up on Rick Riordan’s books. I started Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer, but because I also started loads of other books too, I never committed enough time to finishing it. I’m hoping to finish the book some time next week though!

My challenge for March will be to read a book that’s been on my shelf longer than one year.

What books did you read in February?

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