Bookish Quiz: What Type of Reader Am I?

It’s the end of the month, and week, which means it’s time for a little fun. I found another quiz to do and this one is ‘What Type of Reader Are You?’. Apparently there’s 8 types of readers and I have no idea what they are so it’ll be interesting to see what reader I am. This is another one from Epic Reads and the link to it is here if you’re interested in taking it as well!

Question Number One:

What’s in Your Bag?

a) A wallet, lip gloss, and a pen. Always.

b) A book, of course.

c) My wallet, and probably a few snacks.

d) My e-reader – can’t limit myself to just one book!

I only leave the house at the moment for work, and because my locker is tiny, I can only take a really small bag and there’s no way a book can fit in it. For that reason I’m going to have to go with C.

Question Number Two:

What’s your go-to binge show?

a) The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel   b) Game of Thrones   c) The Office
d) The Handmaid’s Tale   e) Schitt’s Creek   f) The Crown  g) The Bold Type
h) Stranger Things   i) Queer Eye

If only Grey’s Anatomy were on this list… Out of every show mentioned, I’ve only watched The Crown and Stranger Things through to the end. I binged the first two seasons of Stranger Things so I’m going with H.

Question Number Three:

How prepared are you for a pop quiz at any time?

a) Absolutely, I am on my studying game

b) Definitely wish I paid a little better attention last class, but I’ll be fine.

c) I… may need to borrow a pencil.

In school, I’d like to think that I was always at least a little bit prepared for any surprise quizzes or tests. But I haven’t had an exam in over four years so I’m not too sure how I’d do now. I didn’t have any exams at uni either so I have no idea how well I remembered anything that I learnt haha. It’s definitely for me.

Question Number Four:

What’s your favourite season?

a) Spring

b) Summer

c) Autumn

d) Winter

C, Autumn all the way!

Question Number Five:

Your perfect Friday night is…

a) By myself and cosy on my couch

b) My closest friends, no matter what we’re doing we’ll have a great time

c) A reservation at that new restaurant I read about online

d) Ideally? At some kind of concert or party

I don’t really get proper Friday nights anymore. I’m up super early on a Saturday for work so I’m usually fast asleep by 9! Even if I didn’t have work, I’d still go for A. There’s nothing better than relaxing by yourself.

Question Number Six:

What’s your favourite morning drink?

a) Coffee    b) Starbucks    c) Tea    d) Smoothie    e) Orange juice    f) Water

F, water is my all time favourite drink at any time of the day.

Question Number Seven:

When something weird happens, who do you text about it first?

a) My best friend, immediately

b) Honestly, I need to tweet if anything

c) Or maybe Instagram

d) Someone in my family, probably

The amount of weird and awkward things that have happened to me recently is crazy. Every single time that it’s happened though, my friend has been the first person that I’ve told straight away – A.

Question Number Eight

What’s your favourite colour?

a) Red   b) Orange   c) Yellow   d) Green   e) Blue   f) Pink   g) Purple   h) Black

I have two favourite colours; purple and blue so this is a difficult one to narrow down! Since my room is blue though, I’m going to have to go with that – E.

The Result…

The “Stay Up All Night” Reader

I definitely used to be a stay up all night reader. If I was reading a good book before bed, there was no stopping me until I finished it. All of the shifts I work are early morning, so late nights aren’t an option for me anymore! I don’t even read before bed anymore because I’m knackered. I’m more of a “wake up early” reader haha!

What type of reader are you?

4 thoughts on “Bookish Quiz: What Type of Reader Am I?

  1. I got “Take Notes in the Margins” Reader! “Reading isn’t one-sided to you, it’s a conversation. You always carry a pen, and you come away from any book inspired and filled with new ideas. You’re probably in a book club or two to share the incredible thoughts that are scrawled in the corners of all your favorite books. Your perfect next read: An anthology is a great way to get lots of new perspective and ideas, all in just one book”

    I only wish i was in two book clubs!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a fun quiz! I got “Take Notes in the Margins” reader as well. I’d say it fits me pretty well although I don’t belong to any book clubs. Thanks for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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