Top 5 Tuesday: Favourite BookTube Channels

Happy Tuesday!

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is all about our favourite BookTubers. It’s been a while since I sat down and watched a video – I used to watch loads of booktubers constantly, but for some reason, this year I’ve watched barely anything. Despite that, I still have a few favourites whose videos I always try and catch up on when I have the time. I’m also hoping that this week’s topic will introduce me to more booktubers because I tend to watch the same ones all the time. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I’d love to find more which will hopefully encourage me to get back into watching everyone’s videos again.

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm. Each week there’s a new bookish topic to discuss and if you’re interested in participating, or checking out Shanah’s blog, click here!


I found G’s channel a few years ago when I was obsessed with unboxing videos. She’s also the host of the Harry Potter readathons – N.E.W.Ts and O.W.Ls which I’ve always wanted to take part in, but never had the time. I will next time though! G posts so many different types of videos so I’m almost certain that there’s something for everyone, and her cats are adorable. 


I’ve been watching Christine’s videos ever since I first discovered BookTube. Her passion for everything that she does is amazing and inspiring – plus she’s incredibly funny. I also love that she kept everyone updated during the process of publishing her book (which I still need to read!). For some reason, other youtubers, don’t show the writing process or publishing process for their books and it’s something I’ve always been so interested in. I always looked forward to Christine’s monthly/weekly updates and I’m glad that she didn’t disappear from the internet whilst she was writing.


Aside from books, I’ve always really admired how honest Hailey has been in her videos throughout the years. I think I discovered them around the same time that I started University, and I remember really relating to her video that she posted about balancing her studies, job, and reading.

I know that I can really trust her opinion when it comes to her book reviews because she isn’t afraid to hold back. Often I’ve found that some booktubers are afraid to post slightly negative reviews and they’ll rate books highly because they’re afraid of getting any hate. But I’ve always found that Hailey’s reviews are really fair; I feel like I know exactly what I’m getting in a book when I watch her reviews and she’s so thorough, outlining all of the good and all of the not so good.


Zoe isn’t as active on BookTube as she was in the past but I still really look forward to the videos that she posts. For some reason I always associate her with contemporary books, and it was actually through her videos that I picked up a Morgan Matson book for the first time – something that I am eternally grateful for.


I don’t know where to start with Natasha because I just think she’s a wonderful human being. Aside from talking about books, Natasha also posts videos about plus size fashion, Disney, make-up, movies… there’s so many different types of videos on her channel! She’s not as active on BookTube lately but she is on Twitter and Instagram.

Who are your favourite BookTubers?

11 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Favourite BookTube Channels

    1. Haha I’m so bad at watching everyone’s latest videos. It’s so difficult keeping up with everyone’s channels because there’s so many amazing booktubers out there!

      Thank you!

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