Most Disappointing Books of 2018… So Far

This sounds like it's going to be quite a negative post but I don't mean it to be! After thinking about the books that made it to my favourites list last week, I realised that there were a lot of books that I had expected more from. So this list isn't about books that I … Continue reading Most Disappointing Books of 2018… So Far


Top 5 Tuesday: Books I Want to Re-Read

I'm constantly adding books to my re-read list and it's gotten out of control at the moment. There's just so many new releases which are hard enough to keep up with, so I rarely have the chance to re-read anything. The books on this list are ones that I want to re-read ASAP, hopefully before … Continue reading Top 5 Tuesday: Books I Want to Re-Read

FairyLoot June ‘Rebels in Ballgowns’ Unboxing!

The theme for the June FairyLoot box was 'Rebels in Ballgowns' and the artwork for it was so beautiful. The box had items inspired by Legendary, Shatter Me, The Selection, and Nevernight - and I was really looking forward to seeing what items were included. Here are all of the amazing items in the June FairyLoot! 'Destiny' Cushion Cover … Continue reading FairyLoot June ‘Rebels in Ballgowns’ Unboxing!