October Book Releases: Blogtober Day 4

It seems like there's loads of books coming out this Autumn that I can't stop thinking about. Usually, I do one post for the whole of the season, but there's too many books this time around to do that! The majority of these are being published on the same date as well - it looks … Continue reading October Book Releases: Blogtober Day 4

September Book Releases

I normally do seasonal book release posts, but it seems like this September, there's loads of exciting new releases. I've lost count at this point how many books are coming out! Maybe it's something to do with the back to school season? Either way, there's so many books in September that I'm looking forward to, that I … Continue reading September Book Releases

2019 Releases That I’m The Most Excited About!

I feel like I say this with every anticipated book releases post that I make, but there are just so many incredible sounding books that are going to be released soon. I've already done my seasonal anticipated book releases which features a few of the books on this list, plus even more that will be released this winter. The … Continue reading 2019 Releases That I’m The Most Excited About!